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Fri 21 Nov 2014 in Dresden:
51.1239230, 13.6071008

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Today's location is on a track near vineyards in Radebeul.

Country: Germany; state: Sachsen (Saxony, EU:DE:SN); district: Meißen.



This hashpoint was not far away and the satellite image showed it on a track thus reachable. When I planned the route by public transport I saw that the Sächsisches Staatsweingut (Saxon state wine-growing estate) Schloss Wackerbarth was nearby and because geohashing is a good motive to visit new stuff I looked up which events they had. There would be a sparkling wine tasting at 17 o'clock and I decided to do that in combination with the expedition. In order to be on time I would have to leave work on time or even a little early and take the 16:08 or 16:38 train to Radebeul-Zitzschewig, then walk the last part. As usual I wasn't able to leave work on time but at least I didn't have to do one to three hours of overtime like the rest of the week... I hastily cycled to the Dresden-Neustadt train station and arrived there in time for the 16:38 S-Bahn train, but not early enough to buy a ticket and still catch the train. So I walked through the whole train to find the ticket inspector in order to buy a ticket. When I found him he lectured me about how there are sooo many ticket vending machines at the station (Yes, I knew that, but I didn't have the 2 minutes they need to print a ticket) and how there are so many trains that I could have taken the next one (Yes, but I don't have all evening) and how he would be authorized to charge a penalty fare (Why did I walk through the whole train again? That's right, because I was being honest. Another instance where honesty doesn't pay...) and how it hasn't been possible to buy tickets on the train at all for years (Well, my experience from the last decades tells me otherwise) and how in Bavaria I would not be able to escape a penalty fare (Which Bavaria would that be? The one I just moved here from?) but okay, just this one time because he's so nice (So nice, my donkey...). Thus my mood was already poor at the start of the expedition. The automated stop announcement for the Kötzschenbroda stop told me to get out for Castle Wackerbarth so I did. Then I started walking along the road towards the Castle. It was almost dark now and it took me so long to walk the distance that the tasting (total duration one hour) had already started for 10 minutes when I reached the Castle so I decided to continue directly to the hashpoint. My mood didn't improve from this lack of tasty beverage.

Along a small street and then a small track I walked along the vineyards until I came near the hashpoint. I found the spot easily, it was in the middle of the track. With the aid of my phone's lamp for additional lighting I took some pictures, but it was still too dark to see much. Then I walked down the hill to the Zitzschewig train station, much nearer than the other one, and arrived there with enough time to buy a ticket. The ticket inspector was the same as on the journey there but neither of us made a comment. At the Dresden-Neustadt train station I bought a dürüm for dinner that was cold and had to be reheated by the time I had cycled home. All in all the expedition could have turned out better in my opinion.

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