2014-10-21 -36 174

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Tue 21 Oct 2014 in -36,174:
-36.9472384, 174.9080666

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Clavoy Park, Clavoy Place, East Tamaki, Auckland



I found out about GeoHashing through a mention of it on the xkcd.com about web page.

As it happened, I had the day off work, and the location was in a public park, and a not too distant drive from home. Thinking that this was an amazing coincidence, and noting that no Auckland GeoHashes had occurred yet this year, I loaded up some nearby geocaches to my phone, and headed out.

I arrived at the co-ordinates at exactly 4 o'clock (having parked 3 minutes earlier). I took a photo in each direction, and sat and enjoyed the location for 10 minutes, before going and finding the "Watch the world go by" geocache GC4454R on the nearby Dannemora Overbridge.

I also had with me Sonali's Birthday Geocoin, and it just so happens that it was the day of Sonali's 13th birthday. Happy Birthday Sonali.