2014-08-26 -12 130

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Tue 26 Aug 2014 in -12,130:
-12.4704084, 130.9720500

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On a footpath in Palmerston.



Not much to this one. I jumped on my bike after work and rode down the dark old Stuart Highway rail trial to Palmerston. I negotiated the streets, found the hash, took the photos and returned via dinner at the Palmerston Maccas.

The only obstacle was a large section of the Palmerston streets being blocked off with temporary fencing for road works. My slavish following of Google Maps saw me move the fence out of the way at one end for access, and negotiate a large conduit trench at the other end to get back onto public land, weirding out a local resident in the process.

I rode 44kms and reached the hash at 8:55pm.

Here is the route of my trip.


Felix Dance earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 44kms to and from the (-12, 130) geohash on 2014-08-26.
Geohash 2014-08-26 -12 130 02 Felix.JPG