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Fri 1 Aug 2014 in Bremen:
53.0743483, 8.7586376

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Today's location is in a hedge at Bremen-Woltmershausen.

Country: Germany; state: Freie Hansestadt Bremen (Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, EU:DE:HB); district: Bremen



This is part three/four of a Triple Hash

At first I had planned to visit this hashpoint at around 4 p.m. or 16:30, using public transport on my way from the hotel to the inner city where I had to be by 17:30. Because I arrived so late at the hotel I didn't have time for that. But when I left the birthday party with my parents at 11 p.m. I looked up the tramway and bus schedules, found a possible night line and decided to visit the hashpoint.

With the tramway 4 I went to the Theater am Leibnizplatz stop, then I started walking, because the next bus towards the hashpoint would arrive at a stop 1.2 km from the hashpoint at 23:47, so I would have to run to the hashpoint and find the spot in a very short time. I walked through a small park, then along one of the main streets. Whenever a taxi passed by, I looked to see if the had a phone number written on the side so I could later call one to get home if anything went wrong. But they just had advertisement. Then I walked along Senator-Apelt-Straße parallel to the Autobahn until I came nearer to the hashpoint. A pedestrian bridge crossed the Autobahn and the track on the other side went right past the hashpoint. It was very dark but at least I could see the track in front of me. I came within 5 meters of the hashpoint on that track, so I continued along the track to get on the other side of the hedge that was parallel to it. It turned out that the satellite image was more out-of-date than I thought. The Autobahn hadn't been on the satellite image yet, but the area around the hashpoint had been changed, too. Now it wasn't a field any more, it was a large area of bushes. I walked around it, not getting nearer to the spot. When I came back to where I had been before, I carefully went into the hedge/bushes until I was only 0.00001° from the correct coordinates. It was four minutes to midnight, so this was the third successfully reached spot of the day! Then I took some more photos in the dark.

I went to the bus stop at Wildeshauser Straße where I planned to take the number 3 night bus at 00:09. That meant I had to run to be there in time. I made it with two minutes to spare, then I took the bus to Wilhelm-Kaisen-Brücke. There I had to wait a while for the tramway that brought me to my hotel at about 01 a.m. Even though I was very tired, instead of going to bed I checked the geohashing coordinates for Saturday, looked at the possible hashpoints along my way back, took notes how to get there... I finally went to bed at 03 a.m.

I walked and ran 4.9 km during this expedition. This is the third successful expedition of the day, making this a Triple Hash. It's also my 200th expedition in total!

Danatar earned the Multihash Achievement
by reaching 3 hash points on 2014-08-01. It's a Triple Hash.

walking towards the hashpoint  
pedestrian bridge, still walking  
almost there, nice scenery  
marker part 4/4  
coordinates reached #3, right before midnight  
night bus #3  
night tramway #4  


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