2014-08-01 52 9

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Fri 1 Aug 2014 in Hannover:
52.0743483, 9.7586376

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Today's location is in a maize field near Gronau (Leine).

Country: Germany; state: Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony, EU:DE:NI); district: Hildesheim.

Weather: sunny, hot (~26°C in the not-availabe shade)



This is part three out of four of a Triple Hash

(Continued from the 52 10 expedition.) From Wolfenbüttel I drove to Salzgitter, then on the A39 and A7 to Hildesheim. I had to drive through Hildesheim, but it didn't take too long and a few towns later I was in Gronau. On the other side of Gronau I took a small road that was labeled "Anlieger frei". That phrase is difficult to translate (my dictionary tells me "access only" as a British English translation) but it means you are allowed to use that road only as a resident or if you have business there, not for passing through. Since the hashpoint was in a field next to that road and geohashing is serious business that meant I could use it! When I came nearer to the spot I saw a maize field and my hopes sank a bit. A harvested corn field would have been no obstacle but navigating between maize plants is more difficult. When I stopped to leave the car I saw that the maize plants in this field were very close to each other so the hashpoint was not accessible. From the edge of the field I could only get within 47 meters (according to the GPS), that's too far. So no Ultra (=4x) Hash for me today :-(

Defeated, I didn't stay long. Driving to the B3 via Banteln, then to the A7 at Hannover I continued my journey to Bremen. After Hannover I got into a traffic jam (it was the start of school holidays for some states and the A7 goes to the North Sea) that ate up all the time I had. I reached the hotel in Bremen at 16:35, took a very fast shower and hurried to the Bremen inner city for the first part of my brother's birthday surprise, the Domtreppefegen, a local custom: Since he wasn't married by his 30th birthday, he had to sweep the cathedral's steps. In a costume, with a broken broom, and to a funny song performed by us.

My journey to Bremen including the two hashpoints took 7.5 hours, much longer than planned and it was too hot for my liking almost all the way.

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