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Fri 9 May 2014 in 50,8:
50.0403556, 8.4091033

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Next to the A3 near Massenheim on a field.



It's moderatly warm, it's wet outside and the hash is on a field right next to a parking lot off the Autobahn. What better day to go hashing.


We met up at home to just take one car on the expedition. The plan was to go to the parking lot off the Autobahn which is rigt next to the hash and hopefully walk from there if the parking lot isn't fenced in completely (which has happened to us before but not at that specific location).

A fence wasn't our problem but insead the parking lot was closed completely for some unspecified bit of work - plan failed.

So we went to the next exit a further 10km ahead and took the long route both in terms of driving to the hash as well as walking the rest of the way.

It turns out though that the area was very nice for a may walk. It was very windy but not too cold and even EmmJay had fun walking (is it extortion if you make him walk by waving chocolate chip cookies in front of him? :).

The hash was off a little track into an unused field so we didn't even destroy any crops. Took some photos and headed back home avoiding the Autobahn this time.



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