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Sat 1 Mar 2014 in 48,16:
48.2267331, 16.8631407

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In Lassee, in Lower-Austrian near the Hungarian border



B2c did all the planning, kudos to him, we hardly got lost on our way to our hashpoints ;-)


B2c picked me up with his car at subway station Landstraße/Wien Mitte, that's where we met at 5pm. I was already excited since I had never done any geo hashing before. On the way to the first hashpoint which was in the Vienna graticule, he told me all the fuzz about geohashing and not to confuse it with Geocaching. He also told me about the many achievements that you can receive when you've successfully found your hashpoint and I got the feeling that he wanted to impress me with his latest achievements, e.g the time-traveller achievement ;-) (it worked, but more of later on...)

Anyway, when we finally arrived at our first hashpoint in Lassee, which honestly speaking was in the middle-of-nowhere, we had to walk through a field to reach the exact position. Since was still winter (March 1st) it was getting dark early around 6pm, so we only took a few dark/blurry photos and hopped back into our car. Before we left we had a bit of a picnic with delicious cookies and soft drinks that B2c brought along. nom nom nom ;-)

Lassee, I have to say, you left me awestruck with being my very first hashpoint, I will never forget!


Tracklog of the operation.



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