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Wien, Austria[edit]

The Wien, Austria graticule (48,16) earned the Most Active Graticule achievement
for the month of September in 2014 in the category coordinates reached by being the location of 11 successful expeditions.

The Vienna graticule is at latitude 48, longitude 16. It includes Vienna, capital of Austria, the north-eastern and parts of the south-eastern quadrants of Lower Austria, and also parts of Czechia and Slovakia.

Today's Location: [Vienna, Austria]

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Early geohashers in this area seem to have included:

  • Jacen, lives in Vienna
  • junglehungry, lives in Vienna (22nd district)
  • unexpected, lives in Korneuburg
  • pj, lives in Vienna (14th district)
  • rip..., lives in Vienna (21st district)
  • Mond, Vienna, (16st district)
  • Lumbricus, lives in Vienna (9th district)


2008-05-24_48_16 led to the airport in Schwechat.

2008-09-02_48_16 St. Ulrich Church in Burggasse, Vienna

2008-09-14_48_16 Hickelgasse 17, 14 district, Vienna

2008-10-11_48_16 unexpected and lumbricus went to a clearing near Purkersdorf by bike.

2008-10-25_48_16 Färbergasse 3, 1st district, Vienna

2010-03-29 48 16: At the very limits of the city, 22nd district. Ekorren came from the far west and continued eastwards.

2014-08-05 48 16: Meteo stopped by during his MTB session.

2015-06-11 48 16: atadxart