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The Vienna graticule is at latitude 48, longitude 16. It includes Vienna, capital of Austria, the north-eastern and parts of the south-eastern quadrants of Lower Austria.

Today's Location: [Vienna, Austria]

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[edit] People

Early geohashers in this area seem to have included:

  • Jacen, lives in Vienna
  • junglehungry, lives in Vienna (22nd district)
  • unexpected, lives in Korneuburg
  • pj, lives in Vienna (14th district)
  • rip..., lives in Vienna (21st district)
  • Mond, Vienna, (16st district)
  • Lumbricus, lives in Vienna (9th district)

[edit] Meetups

2008-05-24_48_16 led to the airport in Schwechat.

2008-09-02_48_16 St. Ulrich Church in Burggasse, Vienna

2008-09-14_48_16 Hickelgasse 17, 14 district, Vienna

2008-10-11_48_16 unexpected and lumbricus went to a clearing near Purkersdorf by bike.

2008-10-25_48_16 Färbergasse 3, 1st district, Vienna

2010-03-29 48 16: At the very limits of the city, 22nd district. Ekorren came from the far west and continued eastwards.

2014-08-05 48 16: Meteo stopped by during his MTB session.

2015-06-11 48 16: atadxart

[edit] Expeditions