2013-11-30 48 -122

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Sat 30 Nov 2013 in Bellingham:
48.8491884, -122.5767650

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In a Ferndale field, right beside I-5.



I wasn't planning on doing much today, but I'll see if I can't mosy on down here at the usual Saturday time.



I first swung by Staples to print up a marker poster, but I was told that I would have to wait a couple hours. They didn't have any printing runs in progress; they just told me that they don't do things on the spot. I'd understand a wait if they were busy running the machines for something else, but you're going to make me wait a couple hours just because you don't want to do it right then? Sorry, I'll pass.

Crossing the border was simple enough, but it went from just overcast to outright raining. Oh lovely, hashing in the rain! Eh, so long as it's still light outside, I'll brave it. Does me good, I'm sure. It's an adventure!

When I surveyed the location on Google Maps, I noticed that it was in a field, but there didn't seem to be any fence between it and the nearest parking lot, which was near a big building without a label. There was also a triangular structure of some sort in the field, and I wondered if it was a cell tower. It turned out to be a billboard visible from the interstate. The building itself turned out to be an events center, and it was certainly busy, if the number of cars in the parking lot were any indicator!

When I parked my car, I got out and headed for the field. There wasn't a fence, so I could actually access this hash, but the field turned out to be less a field and more a marsh. I mutter and curse a bit, not wanting to submerge my shoes in cold water, but I manage to find a way around higher ground that isn't quite so wet.

I actually went right past the hashpoint before checking my GPS. But then it was simple enough to turn around and find the right spot again. Without any sort of a sign (or anywhere to put it), I settled for trampling the marsh grass to form a temporary marker of sorts. GPS capture and Stupid Grin™ followed.

Then I noticed the the field just north of my location seemed like it was completely underwater. I wondered if it was actually some sort of lake. So I walked over, but this time I failed to notice the true depth of the water collecting in my path until my shoes were well and truly submerged. Well, too late now! I hopped and splashed, hooting at myself as I went--it's been an awfully long time since I soaked both feet like that--and got a decent look at the situation before retreating to the car.

There was a bigger lineup to cross the border coming back north--leftovers from yesterday's Black Friday shenanigans, I'll bet. But I got back home okay and got my shoes off to start them drying.


Rex's tracklog as PNG.