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2013-10-13 55 14 13-23-03-588.jpg

Sun 13 Oct 2013 in 55,14:
55.9887950, 14.1291639

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In a field north of a go-kart track near Kristianstad.



The hash was only 2 km from the route we were driving back to Stockholm so dash in there and get it!


Looked at the geohashing app on the morning after my sisters wedding and the nearest hash was very close to the E22 near Kristianstad that we were planning on taking on the way back to Stockholm. In the car I looked at the clock and we had some time to spare before we needed to drop off TheCarioca in Hässleholm so I asked we all could do a small adventure.

We took the right exit from the E22, found the right farm and the right field. Jumped the electric fence and found the hash. Took some pictures and it was TheCarioca's first hash!



Cjk earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging TheCarioca and TheNuclearScientist to the (55, 14) geohash on 2013-10-13.
2013-10-13 55 14 13-23-03-588.jpg