2013-09-30 39 -119

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Mon 30 Sep 2013 in 39,-119:
39.2919608, -119.7504018

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[edit] Location

The hash is on the outskirts of a town, just at the edge of some mountainous terrain. A quick Google Streetview check indicates there is no fence.

[edit] Participants

Zebburkeconte, Zebburkeconte's father, Zebburkeconte's grandfather

[edit] Plans

Going to make it out there today, with dad and grandpa! Three generations (hopefully) reaching a geohash--Zebburkeconte (talk)

[edit] Expedition

Well, this one was certainly unlucky. We walked up from the road for around a half mile, and it looked like we were getting close. Then, a mere 100 meters or so away, we hit a fence! It was just a fence in the middle of nowhere, not near any roads or any indication of anyone having been there. I (zebburkeconte) waited outside on principle while my dad and grandpa trespassed illegally to make it to the geohash.

[edit] Photos

Photos forthcoming.

[edit] Achievements

Zebburkeconte earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (100m) reaching the (39, -119) geohash on 2013-09-30.