2013-09-22 52 1

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On the edge of a field just outside Coltishall.

Sun 22 Sep 2013 in Norwich:
52.7277410, 1.3791792

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Today's hash was very easy, only requiring a few steps off the road to reach the hashpoint. I drove all the way there as I had my kayak with me. After reaching the hashpoint I then parked up near the river only a few hundred meters away and then went on a lovely 10 mile paddle to Hoveton and back in the autumn sunshine.


Sourcerer Retro[edit]

Expedition two of three spanning midnight - 2015-12-13 52 1 - 2013-09-22 52 1 Retro - 2015-12-14 52 1 - ETA 23:30.

This was very easy, just as MagicIan described and only a couple of minutes detour from my path between the two real expeditions.