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Sat 21 Sep 2013 in 52,9:
52.3735723, 9.7089212

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[edit] Location

The hash lies in the park lane in front of the house Nedderfeldstraße 4 in Hannover-Linden. This is a perfect spot for a saturday-xkcd-meetup, catering is available: a dirty chewing gum machine is there. Have a look: [1]

[edit] Participants


[edit] Plans

I will hitchhike to Hannover. Waiting at the hash at 16:00 for friends. Hitchhiking home.

[edit] Expedition

I have left home at 8:30, waited at the hitchhiking spot from 9:30 to 11:00 and arrived at the fairgrounds of Hannover at 12:30. At first I have made two trips to interesting places for me (Klagesmarkt and Buchholz), then I have gone to the hash. I arrived there at about 15:50. At first I have taken all the photos, then I have waited for some geohashers to appear, but none of them did. At 16:30 I have left the place and have gone to a third trip to Ledeburg. I have left the city center of Hannover at about 18:30, arrived at the service station Wülferode at 19:30, waited there until 21:39 and got a lift to Ihringshausen, which is about three kilometers from my home away and I walked the rest. I arrived at home at 0:10.

The chewing gum machine at the hash is gone.

Can somebody tell me the reasons, why the houses Elisenstraße 37 and Nedderfeldstraße 8 cannot be seen in Google's street view? What important things are to be seen there?

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[edit] Achievements

GeorgDerReisende earned the Thumbs Up Geohash Achievement
by hitchhiking to the (52, 9) geohash on 2013-09-21, and withstanding the Vogon poetry of the driver.
GeorgDerReisende earned the xkcd Nullaturion achievement
by attending 6 Saturday meetups.