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Fri 19 Jul 2013 in 50,8:
50.1108016, 8.0348685

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Supposedly right next to a little path on a meadow near Fischbach in the Taunus.



We haven't been hashing for a while so we kinda "saved up" on expedition time. We'll therefore go for a midnight double again even though we'll be driving a good two hours in total.


The drive took even longer than planned because of a number of diversions on the way.

Fortunately we came in from the north and decided to make our attempt from there. It turned out that the hash was on a hillside and our originally planned starting point would have been in the valley below and taken a lot more time.

So we wandered along the path in the dim moonlight and got to about 35 meters from the hash when we had to go straight left.

As usual it wasn't just a normal meadow but an unused strip of land filled with mostly thorny bushes and high grass. We eventually made it through and found the hash :D

We went back to the car and headed for the second stop of the night ...


See here for both expeditions of the night.