2013-06-30 52 13

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Sun 30 Jun 2013 in 52,13:
52.2266635, 13.2867590

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In a field near Ludwigsfelde.



Google says that the location is in a field. Still not too far away and worth a try.


0700: I wake up. Google tells me, that the total distance will be 50-55km. I plan to go by bike. Should be doable. I plan to be back at noon.

0800: Let's do this. I already applied fresh oil to the chain of my bike to be fully prepared. I will take a banana and some water with me.

0836: There are more construction sites than I thought. Nothing which would stop me however.

0844: Lot's of lakes. Next time, I should bring some swimming trunks and a towel.

0923: My bike makes strange sounds. I better check.

0929: I cleaned the chain and the gear-wheels and reapplied the oil. Still not better. Maybe I should clean it more thoroughly when I get home.

0951: The field is in crop. So no way to get to the hashpoint this time. Will still try to get as close as possible.

0958: Somewhere in this field is the hashpoint. I can't get closer than 30m. I will take some fotos and head back. Not the route I came, though - that would be boring.

1023: I guess I underestimated the distance. My legs are beginning to hurt and this sign says it's still 23km. I don't like this sign.

1049: There is no bicycle lane here. So I have to bike on the street. The cars are passing me with 80km/h. I hope I will find a bike lane soon.

1124: The battery of my navigation is nearly empty. I will turn navigation off so that it can at least record the remaining track. My legs hurt pretty badly now. On the plus side: There is a bike lane here and the nature is beautiful. The strange sounds of my bike are also almost completely gone.

1149: I finally know where I am and that it is not very far now.

1157: I arrived back home. Finally. I didn't get the hash, but had an intense workout. Which is fine, too.




Fenmar earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (32 meter) reaching the (52, 13) geohash on 2013-06-30.