2013-06-11 20 -156

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Tue 11 Jun 2013 in 20,-156:
20.6830604, -156.0297943

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Just off Hana Highway, a little south of Hana



Go by and see the hashpoint on the way to today's (2013-06-15 20 -155) hashpoint

Retro expedition[edit]

This hashpoint was on land, at least, but didn't prove to be accessible. There were a lot of no trespassing signs around, probably the results of a lot of tourists that think nothing of tromping over whatever is in the way to get to see the ocean.

The area didn't look very welcoming, and I didn't see anyone around to ask for access, so I gave up. It was an adventure, in any event, and it did get me out. I'm used to being thwarted from hashing in 45,-123!

I may try again tomorrow if I head down this direction, but I'm unsure if I'll actually do so.



  • No Trespassing