2013-06-15 20 -155

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2013-06-15 20 -155 waterfall.jpg

Sat 15 Jun 2013 in 20,-155:
20.5175428, -155.8381667

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In the ocean SE of Maui



Head off south and then gaze out over the ocean at the hashpoint. Maybe pick up a Retro on the way.


Well, it was in the ocean.

Through incredible luck, I happened to be able to take a trip to Maui. Needless to say, like most geohashers, one of the thoughts that occurred to me was if I'd be able to make a hashpoint.

Originally, I wasn't going to have a rental car, but I ended up with one, and a very long drive to Hana from the main airport. I freed up enough time yesterday to go out and see the nearby area, and try to hit a couple of hashpoints. Needless to say, being a small island, most of the hashpoints end up in the ocean, so I figured I'd go and gaze at today's, and see if I could make it to a nearby retro hashpoint.

The drive was very pretty, but rather nerve-racking. The one-lane bridges that I had encountered on my way to Hana turned into one-lane roads, with a cliff on the side. At least there were guard rails!



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