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Thu 23 May 2013 in 62,27:
62.5384148, 27.3033634

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In Suonenjoki. The point is in forest.



Pastori and The Wife received an invitation to attend a wedding of a relative in Seinäjoki. The journey from Eastern Finland across the country to the west caused us some palpitation: how many hashpoints would there lay on our way?

(Spoiler: Our trip lasted for 4 days and we tried 8 hashpoints, of which 6 succeeded.)


Pastori searching for the hashpoint.

Our first hashpoint along the way was in Kuopio graticule. This was an easy case. From the main road about 14 km of detour, mainly on a tarmac road. From the road there was only 20 meters to the hashpoint. The point was in mixed forest within the borders of town Suonenjoki. The weather was beautiful and summerly and the warmth cherished Pastori's leg, which had been slightly injured the day earlier. Near the hashpoint there was a splendid Finnish traditional landscape, a birch grove.

The birch grove.

We continued our trip..

Additional photos[edit]


Pastori earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (62, 27) geohash on 2013-05-23.
2013-05-23 62 27DSC 0926 1500px.jpg