2013-05-23 62 24

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Thu 23 May 2013 in 62,24:
62.5384148, 24.3033634

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In Rämälänkylä, Ähtäri. The point is in forest.



(Today's second hashpoint attempt. The first.)

Pastori showing his sore knee.

This point in the Keuruu graticule was located in Rämälänkylä, Ähtäri. The point was about 200 meters from the road in a real thickety forest. Pastori's sore leg prevented trudging there. So this one was a failure.

By the way, would you buy a 15-year old used car from a man who lives in a place called Ramshacklevillage? (Rämälä means that.) Pastori did once. It was an Opel Rekord from the year 1970, and it worked surprisingly well for several years. So "nomen ist omen" does not necessarily apply and doesn't prevent good used car deals.

Ramshacklevillage 10 km.

We continued our trip still further..

Additional photos[edit]