2013-05-21 44 -87

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Tue 21 May 2013 in 44,-87:
44.6250937, -87.8231275

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Near a gas station and near the beach! Plenty of achievement opportunities.


RocketMac (talk)


I'm driving up to Green Bay from Milwaukee today (leaving around 1700, arrive around 1900) for work the next two days. The hash is about half an hour out of my way but totally worth it to celebrate Geohashing Day in a new graticule.


Normally I would have stalled before leaving for my trip. I would have preferred to stay at home a while longer and enjoy dinner and maybe a drink with my wife. But with the possibility of making it to a hash right near my client before nightfall was too tempting.

The drive was pretty straight forward. I listened to Decoder Ring Theatre episodes of The Red Panda one after another trying to catch up. It put me in a mood of old time science fiction that would later come in handy.

Arriving in the area I snapped a picture of the entrance to the area and street sign. The hashpoint itself was just on the side of the road with a wooded area on side and private property on the other. More pictures and it was time for the cool part:

GeoSquishy at Red Rocket Shell!

I had spotted the gas station from Google Maps before I left. I was hoping they had Geosquishies and I was right!

After enjoying my drink, I made the short drive to my hotel.


My GPS tracklog is available in GPX and KMZ formats.



RocketMac earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (44, -87) geohash on 2013-05-21.
RocketMac earned the 2013 Geohashing Day achievement
by enjoying a 5 point GeoSquishy in the (44, -87) graticule on May 21st 2013.
GeoSquishy Achievement 5Star.jpg
RocketMac earned the 5 Star GeoSquishy Achievement
by earning 5 stars all at the (44, -87) geohash on 2013-05-21.