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Thu 25 Apr 2013 in 54,-2:
54.0364621, -2.7482232

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In a field near Quernmore, 2.5 miles outside Lancaster.


  • Angel - Who used the Android hashing app to create this page, and appologises for the messiness. I'll try to tidy up later.

Plans / (Expedition Log)[edit]

  1. Walk to Lancaster University (check)
  2. Upgrade Ingress portals to L7 (check - Vive le Resistance)
  3. Head up the road to Quernmore (check)
  4. Wander around aimlessly looking for the hash (actually didn't need to ... Good signal despite visibility of 20 feet)
  5. Curse my phone when I suddenly lose satellite signal (nope)
  6. Eventually find what's probably the right place (check)
  7. Take a screenshot of the app as close as I can get (check - but not close enough)
  8. Curse as my GPS fix jumps 5 miles away at the exact moment it takes the screenshot (nope)
  9. Wander around a bit, hoping the guy drinking coffee in a parked car will move so I can get maybe 2 feet closer
  10. Take a photo of the location, (check) and see the exact same effect (actually didn't have any GPS problems this time)
  11. Walk down to Williamson Park for a consolation pint at the Pavillion (failed - I asked for Lancaster Red and the nice lady gave me a cup of tea)

(Not the best plan in the world, but based on past experience, probably the most likely) (plan now annotated with what actually happened)

A Stain On My Honor[edit]

  • Last time it was in Quernmore, I decided not to bother, thinking "It's so far from the road, it won't be reachable" ... Only to find out later that among the farmers' fields was a label "Quernmore Park", so it might have been reachable after all. I'm not letting that happen again!
Should there be a gratuitous award for something like this? "A stain on my honour", for claiming a hash close to, or similar to, one you're embarrassed to have failed? -- Angel (talk) @54.0197,-2.7941 04:26, 25 April 2013 (EDT)
Apparently I'm still stained. Next time, Quernmore, next time ... Angel (talk) 05:07, 10 May 2013 (EDT)


Does anyone know how to extract logs from Endomondo? I know it can do it, but can't figure out how to c&p the link on my phone



I'll probably have 2 gratuitous awards, if I make it

As it turns out, only "No public access" again :( I think that's 3 now?