2013-04-18 49 9

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Thu 18 Apr 2013 in 49,9:
49.4500363, 9.0406509

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On a field west of Oberdielbach near Eberbach.




I plan to reach the hashpoint at 16:00.


I drove to Oberdielbach an began my journey in the exact opposite direction of the hashpoint. When I realised my mistake I had to take a wide detour, because of a lot of electrified fences. But the weather was good and I enjoyed the walk. When I reached the hashpoint, some wind had picked up and clouds were moving in. I wished I had a kite with me. I forgot to take an aditional camera with me, so I only have a screen shot of the Geohash Droid app and a photo of of me (with stupid grin) as a would be proof.