2013-03-17 -35 149

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Sun 17 Mar 2013 in -35,149:
-35.4637178, 149.0939330

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Suburban back yard, beside a house, in a southern Canberra suburb in the Tuggeranong Valley.





A shopping expedition at the other end of our city's suburbs.



My other half has no sense of the IMPORTANCE of hashing..... ;-)

She drove and stayed in the car when we arrived. She had a Kindle-moment, and deleted a book... :-(

I went to the door of the suburban house and the lady who answered was suitably bemused by my explanation, but explained that she had let the dogs loose so it was NOT a good idea for me to go into the back yard. So, I boith reached the hash (the last approved barrier, about 3m from the hash) and did not reach (as I was not going in where I was not allowed.) Accordingly, I took some pictures of the GPS and me, from the gate, showing that the hash was at and behind the corner of the house.

I left details for the hash with the lady of the home.

I did not mind not meeting the dogs. :-)

We then went shopping at a nearby hardware hypermarket before heading home to the other end of the city.