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Sat 9 Mar 2013 in 1,103:
1.3306481, 103.6416891

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On the street in Jurong Industry estate.



This is the first hashpoint, where really locate inside Singapore main-island and is also reachable, since I came back Singapore(1st of March). Try to reach the hashpoint only by public transportation.


After Checking the Hashpoint with Zertrin, I decided to visit this hashpoint on Saturday between collect my old stuffs from friend and the dinner later with other friends. Since this is my first hashpoint, I need to download GPS application and all other necessary applications. With Zertrin's help, I selected Geohashing and GPS Data these two applications.

Woke up near 12pm, got out really in a rush. First of all, I needed to meet a friend at student apartment near Sheng Siong market,by taking Bus 199 from hall 8 to Blk 271 CP. After collected my stuffs, I walked forward to the bus station Blk 673C to take Bus 193. However, I was on the wrong side of the road, since in Singapore driving on left. Moreover, the temperature is 30 degree, which almost killed me, but based on the weather report, there will be a heavy rain in the afternoon. During I was waiting bus 193, I found the cost for public transportation is really cheap if you hold any kinds of transportation card. Finally, I reached the station Opp CHC Express which is near the hashpoint. By 5 mins walking I found the exactly hashpoint.

On the way back, it started rain. I took bus 193 to Boon Lay interchange, then one station from Boon Lay to Pioneer by MRT and from the station back to hall 8 by University shuttle bus line D.



vermouthandgin earned the Public transport geohash achievement
by reaching the (1, 103) geohash on 2013-03-09 using public transit.