2013-03-08 -35 148

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2013-03-08 -35 148 waste-machines.JPG

Fri 8 Mar 2013 in -35,148:
-35.2197197, 148.9877614

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[edit] Location

Near the 330kV power transmission lines just west of the main Canberra sub-station at Parkwood, and near the "green waste" conversion station.

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[edit] Plans

[edit] 1PE

The hash was on the extreme eastern edge of the graticule, and north, so it was near the suburban fringe of Canberra in the adjoining -35 148 graticule, Tumut, Australia. I would go by after work, and walk out under the power lines if possible.

[edit] Expedition

[edit] 1PE

I drove along Parkwood Drive and realised that the grasslands were not navigable, and the herd of cows might make things untenable. Then, I realised that the "green waste" depot extended to very near the line of three power towers. So, I drove in as though I was going to dump some vegetation at the dump face.

I stopped near the fence beside the dump, realising that some no-go signs were there preventing closer access, and took some pictures.

Along the track back out, I got some pics of the green waste recycling equipment.

I stopped near the sub-station and took pictures of the towers, then of the sub-station.

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