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2013-03-03 48 -3

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Sun 3 Mar 2013 in Lannion:
48.0160004, -3.1443803

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[edit] Location

Not far from the one yesterday (2013-03-02 48 -2) in the adjacent graticule. The map says there is maybe a castle ? Neat !

[edit] Participants

Yggodin (talk)

[edit] Plans

Yggodin (talk) : I plan to go there early in the morning.

[edit] Expedition

After the expedition yesterday (2013-03-02 48 -2), I noticed that to go there, I had to drive about 100km... That's 200km total. It's not that I don't like driving, but our dear planet and my gas tank/wallet do not appreciate this particularly. As the daily hash point is even further than the one yesterday, I decided that I would pass on that one, waiting for closer hash points ;)

Is there a "planet saving" achievement ? :p

Or a "lazy" achievement ? :D

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