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Sat 2 Mar 2013 in Saint-Brieuc:
48.1726841, -2.9984565

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Near the small town of Mûr de Bretagne. Lots of lakes and rivers, should be pretty nice :)



Yggodin (talk) : I plan to go there for the meetup hour (4pm, local time, of course). If anyone read this and is nearby, come ! The more, the merrier.


  • Here am I. Almost 4PM. Unfortunatly, I cannot go any further... There is an electrified fence with what seems to be bulls in it... And if velociraptors or giant, six-legged, red spiders are Ok (I guess), there is no way I'm going in there ;-) -- Yggodin (talk) @48.1723,-2.9987 16:00, 2 March 2013 (CET)

Note that I didn't try to cross the electrical fence, as I noticed some local farmers using 220V in their fences... Too dangerous. Even more if I managed to cross it, only to face enraged (whaaat?) bulls ;)

Even if I didn't reach the exact spot, I found some quite interesting stuff around it. Take a look at the pictures (taken in total disorder, some before, some after) ;) A local farmer have a quite nice back garden with pretty nice wood sculptures.

I was much better equipped than yesterday (gloves!), so no freezing this time ! But it was still quite cold (for the region, of course).




  • No trespassing