2013-02-18 52 -1

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Mon 18 Feb 2013 in Birmingham:
52.3750652, -1.4949735

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1) An area of heath and wood surrounded by major roads and a small river, Coventry, UK.




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This was attempt one of four on this day. It was a fine late winter day with sun and a bracing breeze. The deluge of rain had stopped for once, but the ground was still quite wet. It looked as though the hashpoint might be flooded but after a small detour round some marshland bog, a dry route was located. From the local airport, there were turboprop noises in the distance and also quite a lot of traffic noise from the A45 and A46 roads. This was a pleasant spot in spite of the noise. How often do you get a perfect day? Almost never? Well this was really nice except for a streaming head cold. Yuck!


Expeditions and Plans

Zürich, Switzerland Calamus The Albisrieden district in Zurich.
Northampton, United Kingdom Sourcerer 2) Failed to reach agricultural land south of the A14 near Thrapston.
Birmingham, United Kingdom Sourcerer 1) An area of heath and wood surrounded by major roads and a small river, C...
Cambridge, United Kingdom Sourcerer, Benjw 3) North of the Mildenhall Air Base, Suffolk, UK.
Norwich, United Kingdom Sourcerer 4) In a field of winter wheat, close to Spexhall, Halesworth, Suffolk, UK.

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Sourcerer's Expedition Links[edit]

2013-02-10 52 1 - 2013-02-18 52 -1 - 2013-02-18 52 -0 - KML file download of Sourcerer's expeditions for use with Google Earth.