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Tue 12 Feb 2013 in -35,149:
-35.3323863, 149.1458463

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Beside a post or power pole, back yard of "Gowrie Flats", beside Jininderra Oval, Griffith/Narrabundah (suburban Canberra.)



Go by after work, on the way home; a small detour.



I drove to the hash area, and parked in a gravel car park near the Gowrie Flats. This a "housing commission" area, with about 8 x three-storey blocks of accommodation provided by the Canberra community for people of limited income.

I knew which block to go to, and went to the right where I found a tall mesh-wire fence with a gate and un-locked fastening. I could go in, and I did.

I was immediately greeted by four chickens that were turning over a pile of bark and scraps. I was more interesting, so they came over to me, and followed me as I went to the obvious power pole beside which was the hash point. I took some pictures of the chickens, then saw that a back-yard fence divided them from an area with several domestic geese. I immediately knew that I was NOT on "a wild goose chase"!

Pictures of all I saw.

I went back through the gate and met a resident, who was slightly drunk (it was just after 5pm). I had a discussion with Peter and explained the geohashing quest, and pointed out the power pole. We parted on really good terms.

I went further along the road, and turned onto Captain Cook Crescent, where I took some pictures of the 'back' of the hash area, and along the road to -- note the date -- wait for it -- St Benedict's Catholic Churh. (Yes, this was the day when Pope Benedict XVI had announced his resignation.)