2013-01-20 49 9

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Sun 20 Jan 2013 in 49,9:
49.3461047, 9.1294375

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At the Elz creek in Mosbach.




I haven't been on an expedition since last summer. Even though I checked the coordinates almost daily, there weren't any convenient points - until today. A promising Sunday hashpoint only a few hundred meters from a train station, and enough spare time to actually go there.

I even thought about doing 49,8 afterwards, a spot equally close to a different train station. But that would have taken at least three hours more.

Not much to report on the expedition itself - everything went as smooth as planned. I found the spot next to, but luckily (at sub-freezing temperatures) not inside, a small river. Back at the "Mosbach (West)" train station, I didn't want to wait 30 minutes for the train home, so I used the time to walk towards the city center.