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Wed 2 Jan 2013 in 46,11:
46.0553940, 11.6168530

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Somewhere in Cinte Tesino, near Borgo Valsugana, Trentino.




Dibs on this one! I'm happy I can geohash another time during my holidays as I know it will be very hard to find any time for this during my last semester of high school.

This is going to be the most unpredictable expedition ever- Google Maps' resolution in the area surrounding the small village of Cinte Tesino, where the hash is located, is very low, and I have no idea whether the hash is located inside a house, on a street, on a field...

I will leave Trento at 10.30 am, take an intercity bus to Borgo Valsugana, and arrive there at around 11.40. There should be a bus leaving towards Cinte right when I arrive- I didn't get if I'm supposed to change bus or if I just have to stay on-board, but as the interchange between the two is guaranteed, I won't have to worry even if I arrive late. From Borgo to Cinte is another good 40 minutes, and I'll spend the same amount of time wandering around the small village- I hope that will be enough time. Same way on my way back- bus to Borgo and interchange with Trento-bound bus.


The trip to Cinte Tesino was fine. No cats escaping, no ATM problems, I arrived to the bus station a good 15 minutes early, got the bus, arrived in Borgo, dropped off the bus, was told that the same coach would have served for the trip to Cinte too, went back on board, arrived to my destination. The weather was challenging- when I left in Trento it was cloudy, when I got to Borgo it was raining and once in Cinte snow was falling. Not a blizzard, but not a couple random flocks either. That's where the fun began.

I'll just say there's a big disadvantage I hadn't thought of yesterday: looking for a hash without knowing its location actually means looking for a hash without knowing its location. It's a lot more challenging, more fun, more poetic and whatever, and it might be fun to do that in your backyard or any place where you can orientate easily, but not in a village almost three hours from home, which only has its couple main roads represented on Google Maps. I came to the conclusion that the hash was to be located in a loosely fenced field just outside the town- I could have easily trespassed that, but I usually associate lack of fencing ability with possession of a hunting rifle, and I couldn't have done it without getting seen. That would have led to a series of question I wasn't exactly willing to answer. I was just about to give up when I noticed that I had been mistaken the whole time, and that I was looking South instead of North... long story short, I kept on searching for a while, but came to an equally disappointing conclusion: the hash was somewhere inside a big house. While I could have talked my way in if I was in Trento, I wasn't exactly sure how toput it with elder people/farmers who don't know much about technology and the internet. In the end I gave up, partly because I didn't want to miss the bus home.



Werther earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (46, 11) geohash on 2013-01-02.