2012-12-29 -35 149

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Sat 29 Dec 2012 in -35,149:
-35.3807879, 149.0719146

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The side of a small cul-de-sac street in north Kambah, a suburb of Canberra.




When I set out on the journey that became this hash, I had no intention of doing the hash. Hence, I have one component of the "Radio Yerevan" claim.



On 2012-01-03, I needed to charge the battery of my go-to-work vehicle. Accordingly, I had a colleague jump-start the car from his car battery and I then went off on what I expected would be about 60 minutes of driving.

Having headed in the 'wrong' direction, towards the north-east, I recalled seeing a hash in the southern suburbs, pulled over and left the engine runnign while I went through the street maps and found the area where the has was; I recognised the cul-de-sacs near the major road (Sulwood Drive). So, I then headed in that direction. 30 minutes or so later, I was at the four cul-de-sacs and drove down each looking for what I rememberes: a tree near the north-west side of the street, near the top of the street, with a house on an angle nearby. I found what I thought was the hash in Shaw Place, parked the car with the engine still running, and took some pictures. Back at the office, I found that the correct hash was two cul-de-sacs to the east in Provis Place, which I had driven along and so been no more than about 3m from the hash.



Is it true that 1PE earned the drive-by, after no intention of going?
In principle, yes.
But went to the wrong street, via the correct street (2012-12-29 -35 149).
2013-01-03 12.08.03 -35 149.jpg