2012-12-24 48 -121

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Mon 24 Dec 2012 in 48,-121:
48.3173934, -121.9685891

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An accessible forest road near Lake Cavanaugh



Checking today's point, I see a potential early Christmas present. Time for geohash!

The road north was a piece of cake mid-day; I think a lot of people were off work. Arlington, then the Darington road, then hang a left on the Lake Cavanaugh access road. For a lake full of cabins, this access road was garbage - one small lane right off highway 530, then dirt most of the way up. Oh, sure, it's paved at the lake.

Anyhow, found the access road off North Shore drive easily - very melty around here. The level of the ground water / mosquito breeding grounds was right at the road level. The access road was narrow and filled with snow, so I parked and we walked.

Convenient spray painted trees and stumps indicated half a mile and a mile; the turnoff road was at 1.2 miles (give or take) and was conveniently marked with snowmen. Just a little further up and the geohash was easily found. No internet signal (and geohash droid isn't so useful if it can't download maps), no way to post at the point, and my camera was having a heck of a time focusing on the screen.

Walking down the road seemed a lot longer than up, and despite it being above freezing we were pretty chilled. Made it to the car, down the access road to the highway, and a quick stop on the way south.



Something about snowmen?