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Tue 20 Nov 2012 in -35,149:
-35.5041369, 149.3053059

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  • Where-ever it is, I also have the option (on the 'anti-node' or 'half' of Geohashing Day) of halving the decimal coordinates and seeing whether that is more interesting/accessible.
    • REAL Location: -35.504137°, 149.305305° In scrub/bush on the eastern side of Googong Dam and its feeder river -- inaccessible in a practical sense.
    • 'HALF' Location: -35.252069°, 149.152653° In the open ground of the back yard of a house, on Majura Avenue, a major suburban arterial road in the suburb of Ainslie in north Canberra -- accessible!




  • A lunchtime drive in the suburbs. I will respect the rights of the owner, but expect that I can get a picture down the side of the house if I can not get access directly.



The house is a a detached dwelling on a normal "quarter acre" house block. It is white-painted stucco with a "rancho" (Spanish) styling, and a side fence, that blocks all access to the back yard where the half-geohash is. It has extensive trees at the front, shading the verandah from prying eyes of people walking and driving along the busy road. On the verandah -- about 10m from the hash point -- I rang the door bell, and knocked on the second front door, but no-one came out.

I took several pictures, including one through a knot-hole in the side fence showing some details of the back yard. I chose to not enter the yard of the adjacent house, being renovated, although that would have allowed me to take a picture of the hash point from over the side fence.

The Flip[edit]

Just before leaving for the hash, I realised that "anti-node" was another way of saying "flip-side", and that this was the flip side of Mouse Over Day. So, I took along a computer mouse and held it flip-side up in the pictures.




  • Geohashing Anti-Node Day Achievement