2012-11-11 53 -1

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Sun 11 Nov 2012 in 53,-1:
53.6033624, -1.6477091

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53.603362°, -1.64771°

A field in Skelmanthope


The Expedition[edit]

Day 2 of my 3 in a row attempt.

Before I start, I would like to say that I attempted to bring my mum along today, but she refused. My mum thinks that Geohashing was invented by a serial killer so he could lure me to a location and kill me. I then asked her if she would prefer me to take up dogging, and she said no, I could carry on geohashing, but she's still not coming with me.

Again no Jason, so this one I attempted solo. Had a nice drive out at lunch time, checked the location on Google Maps (and Street View, updated 2009 again grrrrr) and it looked to be in a field next to some kind of farm. At the location I drove a little down the road where I found a lay by I could park up in and walked back up the side of the field. The field was fenced with barbed wire so I decided against climbing over the fence and headed towards the farm to see if there was an easy access point. Walking up I saw the gate to the field in an empty yard, it's a Sunday and the farm looks empty, I figured no one would mind me walking into a field and back out again so I continued toward the farm entrance. At the entrance of the farm I was greeted by a guard dog, pretty sure I poooped my pants a little, took a picture and headed back towards the car. I took screenshot stood by the fence which is as close as I could get without being eaten by an angry German Shepard and headed off home with my head hung in shame at being unable to get in a field :(

Day 2 of 3 was a failure, but Monday's location looks good!