2012-11-11 32 -116

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Sun 11 Nov 2012 in 32,-116:
32.6033624, -116.6477091

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Near some power lines just west of Potrero, CA




This was not an easy hash. The planned route required an elevation gain of 520 feet in the space of 2000 feet as the crow flies, but first a descent to a streambed added some fifty feet to the elevation gain and cut about 300 feet off the distance. After the streambed, the route went straight up a mountainside covered in boulders and dense chaparral to a power line tower. This rose about 300 feet vertically over about the same distance horizontally. The route then turned onto the tower's access road, which proceeded horizontally for about 800 feet, whereupon the route one again turned into the brush. Another 500 horizontal and 270 vertical feet later, the hashpoint was reached.