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Sat 27 Oct 2012 in 55,37:
55.7300314, 37.6382609

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Paveletskaya metro station... either inside, just outside, or both (the Google map is confusing, and the Yandex map doesn't want to show the real coordinates).

Paveletskaya metro station on Wikimapia.

Judjing by plan on wikimapia, the underground hash is at the southern end of Paveletskaya station where there is an escalator leading to the ground, a bit to the left.

The land hash is on the square near Paveletskiy vokzal (one on Moscow's nine main railway stations).

Different plan of the station. With this plan, the hash is on the tracks in the direction from the center.


January First-of-May, and possibly vb if he remembers


I go to Paveletskaya around 3:55 pm, wait a little and go back home at 4:05 pm (give or take a few minutes). That's if nobody else arrives of course :-) Note that I won't have a camera (a GPS is of course useless underground), so there's unlikely to be any proof either way.



It was about 15:45 when vb read an e-mail from January First-of-May, and realized that is is already in fact 15:45 and he has no chance to be at the hash at 4pm as he sought he'll be able to.

Nevertheless, at 17:29, one and a half hour late, vb visited the hash. And then went to see about the next day hash, which is also in the central part of Moscow.

vb arrived to the Paveletskaya station from the center, in the first car, so even if the second version of the station plan is the correct one, the hash was passed nevertheless.

January First-of-May[edit]

As expected, I arrived at the southern end of the station at 15:52, and until 16:12, was walking around that southern end and waving an XKCD marker (which I ultimately lost).

Of course, as vb was over a hour late, I didn't actually meet anyone (well, except for the crowds of people normally at that station, but they don't count, right?) And since I lack a camera (and the marker got lost... and for that matter was left in the wrong corner in the first place anyway - slightly right instead of left; I did visit the correct point while walking around though), there's pretty much no way I'd ever get proof. Sorry. I think I should get the Radio Yerevan ribbon for that. (Update: vb had since convinced me that I should list the achievements anyway, and if anyone objects they'll say so on the talk page.)

(Oh, and of course I've been there before, both underground and on land... in fact there might well be a photo of me standing very close the land hash point from a few years ago, as I remember getting a photo of me in front of all nine of Moscow vokzals, and this is the obvious spot for Paveletsky. Of course, I don't think it counts as a proper Déjà Vu when there's no proof of current visit :-) )




vb and January First-of-May earned the Going deep geohash achievement
by reaching the (55, 37) geohash on 2012-10-27.
2012-10-27 17.29.47.jpg
vb earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (55, 37) geohash on 2012-10-27.
2012-10-27 17.36.11.jpg
vb and January First-of-May earned the Public transport geohash achievement
by reaching the (55, 37) geohash on 2012-10-27 using public transit.
2012-10-27 17.29.47.jpg
January First-of-May earned the No Batteries Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (55, 37) geohash on 2012-10-27.
2012-10-27 17.29.47.jpg
January First-of-May earned the Déjà Vu Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (55, 37) geohash on 2012-10-27, and previously on a photographing trip several years ago.
January First-of-May earned the Earliest geohasher achievement
by arriving first at the (55, 37) geohash on 2012-10-27.