2012-09-30 -36 174

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Sun 30 Sep 2012 in -36,174:
-36.9578945, 174.7687397

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Estuary, Manukau Harbour, Auckland




Well, check it out of course. Google maps showed the hash to be a large patch of white sand, probably reclaimed land as this area used to be Auckland's biggest oxidation ponds and has been replanted and walking tracks constructed.


After a bit of indecision, I decided to combine the hash with a running mission, sight seeing up a big nearby hill (Mangere Mountain), as well as a little geocaching.

So, the area still smells bad! From the satellite image, a fence was seen to extend around the hash area, even extending into the ocean, obviously a serious attempt to keep people out. I knew there was a high probability that this wouldnt work out, but the other activities lured me to the site.

Sure enough, after a short run to the site, I could see the fence, with some fancy Auckland Council signage - PLEASE LEAVE QUICKLY. The area is actually a bird sanctuary, in particular for the very endangered dotterel. No worries, I took a photo and sprinted out of there, to continue for another 16 kms and 4 caches. A productive day I thought.