2012-09-28 -36 174

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Fri 28 Sep 2012 in -36,174:
-36.7978383, 174.4112076

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Beachside, Muriwai Beach, Auckland



Muriwai is the closest beach to our home location, so we were rather happy to see the hash fall here, rather than in the dense forestry block the runs alongside. After work, the plan is to drive to the beach and take a short jog north to the location - shouldn't be more than a 4 km return run.


OK, so maybe not quite a walk on the beach, but pretty near. After re-examining the map in the afternoon it turned out to be an easier run (physically) along a gravel road (mentally boring as hell). So despite the drizzle and very gray skies we drove down the road for 25 minutes, parked up near an access road into the forestry block, one of many neighboring Muriwi, donned our running gear and trotted off.

We got stopped by a family out walking the dogs and toddlers who asked us how far we were going. Felt bad saying only five kilometers, even more when the guy misheard me and he 'what 25?'. Never mind, we'll just call this a mild leg stretcher.

Anyway after jogging around for a bit, Greenslime indicated we should pull off into the middle of know-where and approach a line of old warped pines. Usually we both end up doing the funky gps dance (see our last hash for the gif proof) but today Greenslime nailed it straight off the bat (after re-calibrating her gps).

So pictures taken and what i was hoping to be a nice sunny (make everyone in the world jealous) panaromic of the beach turned out to be a sad rather amatur take of the blair witch forest. But behind the dunes, i promise its a beauty.

Anyway, it got cold, we got hungry so we somehow managed to motivate ourselves to jog back to the car (straight gravel roads are very very boring to run on).

And of course, proof is in the pudding below.