2012-09-07 -35 149

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2012-09-07 -35 149 508.JPG
2012-09-07 -35 149 letterbox2.JPG

Fri 7 Sep 2012 in -35,149:
-35.2626457, 149.3186415

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[edit] Location

In a field of an extensive grazing property north-east of Kowen.

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[edit] Plans

[edit] 1PE

Lunchtime excursion, about 20 minutes from work.

[edit] Expedition

[edit] 1PE

I'd only been across this road about 15 hours before and had forgotten the roadworks already. :-(

Sutton Road, the Norton Road, then looking for the turn-off. Found; and a closed gate that was to be expected! Pictures of the gate and letterbox.

Back around onto the more developed road to the south where "acrage blocks" back onto the much larger grazing farm. I find the gate and letter box of the property that backs onto where the hash is sited. Another note in the letterbox, and another pic.

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