2012-09-06 -35 149

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2012-09-06 -35 149 site.JPG

Thu 6 Sep 2012 in -35,149:
-35.1720749, 149.3103159

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[edit] Location

Just off a gravel road near the Federal Highway near Lake George.

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[edit] Plans

[edit] 1PE

Go on the way to a related hash near the southern edge of -34 149.

[edit] Expedition

[edit] 1PE

All good. Turned off the Federal Highway onto Donnely Road and followed it to the end on the dusty track, where the left turn was obvious. The hash was in scrubby field at the angle of the two tracks. I did not go into the houses at the twin gates, but a car drove past me as I was finishing the pictures. I dropped the ActiveGeohashing brochure into the appropriate letter box down the track.

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