1957-09-06 -34 149

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1957-09-06 -34 149 site.JPG

Fri 6 Sep 1957 in -34,149:
-34.8990810, 149.4489370

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[edit] Location

About 100m into a cattle field, just off the Collector Road, north of Collector, New South Wales.

[edit] Participants


[edit] Plans

This was my Displaced Origin (55th birthday) hash, rather than -35 149 that was in quite wild country!

[edit] Expedition

[edit] 1PE

I had planned this for about 2 weeks. Then, I discovered on the day that the hash 2012-09-06 -35 149 was on the way, so I combined the two.

The field was easily identified, I entered through the farm gate, paced out into the field then along the fence the required distance. Pics were taken.

[edit] Photos

[edit] Achievements

1PE earned the Displaced origin geohash achievement
by reaching the (-34, 149) geohash for 1957-09-06 on 2012-09-06 after being born on 1957-09-06 in the (-32, 151) graticule.
1957-09-06 -34 149 site.JPG