2012-08-26 50 8

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Sun 26 Aug 2012 in 50,8:
50.1457475, 8.1297215

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Right next to a street just out of Taunusstein.



It's sunday, the hash isn't far off and we all have spare time. Weather isn't brilliant but who cares about a little rain. The hash might be too easy so we might add a caching tour as well.


We met up at 11:30 am and drove straight to the hash. This one really was too easy so we headed for the next geocache and ended up doing 14 in a row (plus one on the way back):

The one multi-cache that pretty much would have started where the hash was was in maintenance :(

Fortunately the expected rain didn't show up (a couple drops here and there, nothing major) so we had a nice walk (7.2km in just under three hours).


See here.



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