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Sun 26 Aug 2012 in 46,11:
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A porphiry quarry near Gazzadina, Trento.




I didn't mean to go today, partly because I had a family reunion with massive lunch but mainly because it had been raining all morning. But since it was reachable and it turned out to be a very pretty day in the afternoon, I checked the bus timetables and decided I'd give it a try. Also, the GPS was working properly today!


I left home around 5.30 pm. Despite being relatively a long way from downtown Trento, the area around the hash was still served by the city bus service rather than the intercity network.

I took bus number 3 to Gazzadina, the closest bus stop. That's where the fun began- differently from my other two expeditions, I had never been in this area before. Also Google Maps showed that the hash was in the middle of a construction area, and I really had no clue about what was being built there.

I followed a major road- labelled as SP76- until a rotary, where a country road branched off. I was stunned by the scenery- the lights and the shadows on the apple fields were simply beautiful. As I was walking I realized I was getting more and more into the shadow, and that a cold wind had started to blow.

It took me approximately 30 minutes to discover that all the trucks and the excavator were still at their place- it wasn't a construction site, but a porphyre quarry. No one was around except for a guy jogging and another guy walking his dog, and there weren't any no trespassing signs. I had no problems in getting close to the hashpoint- but then, I realized that it was a few meters down a very steep hillside.

I was late on my timetable and couldn't afford to spend time to get to the exact point, so I just took a photo of the hash area from the roadside. Last but not least, I also had to run in order not to miss the bus back. Even though I only got to see the hashpoint, I wouldn't call this a defeat. I got there after all, and more importantly discovered a very nice place I had never seen despite living here since my birth. It was a very nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.



So, since I was finally able to bring a GPS for proof, I'd claim two achievements: Land geohash and Public transport geohash. I didn't really get whether I need anything more to prove my achievements, and whether I can just post ribbons on here and on my userpage or I have to wait for someone to "approve" my accomplishments. Clarifications on this are warmly welcome, in the discussion section of this page or my own discussion page. Thank you!