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Mon 13 Aug 2012 in 46,11:
46.0172701, 11.0439384

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Located in a place called Viote- a flat area at the basis of the three tops of Mt.Bondone. An incredibly lucky pick- not only it is around 30 km from where I live, it happens to be very close to an intercity bus stop, it also lies on one of the few spots that don't require a tough hike around...



As I don't own any vehicle except for a 12-yrs old moped (which is currently broken, anyways), I have to move by public transport.

The local company provides a decent coverage of the area. The coach travel is going to take about one hour each way. Timetables are also pretty comfortable: I will have half an hour to get to the spot, take photos and get back to the bus stop (with possibly getting something to drink/eat at nearby huts in the meanwhile), which is exactly the amount of time I think I'll need to do everything without being in a rush, and to avoid waiting too much at the bus stop later.


I was counting on this old GPS we used for car trips until some time ago... sadly I couldn't find it this morning, so I opted for a good ol' compass and some accurate map study.

The bus trip was fine- departed on time, arrived on time- though when I got off I realized I should have brought some heavier clothes... it was way colder than I imagined.

I had to walk about 270m on a tarred road, and then turn south and keep walking for 110m. The part of the meadow the hash was in was classified a swamp, but the soil was quite dry and I got to the hash with no problems.

Again, the bus trip home proved as comfortable as my previous one. It was an incredibly smooth exploration- surely not the most exciting, but still a good start.