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Sat 23 Jun 2012 in 52,13:
52.4188367, 13.7861832

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Outskirts of Grünheide, next to the highway / garden plots near Erkner



Ready to Geohash! 
It's cool to remember that this building is so huge because steam trains used to stop there. 
Oh no, late for tea! 
Discarded books.. or so. 
German hiking paths are weird.. 
This path I entered at my own risk. Channel on the one side - 
- Wupatzsee on the other 
Wupatzsee with duckies 
Next to here .. 
.. the geohash! 
Coordinates reached! @52.4190,13.7859 
I think it's next to that shed. Couldn't get closer from this side, but had been next to it entering through the open gate to the left. 
Liked the word "Stubben". 
Liked .. something about this, too. 
Nice graphics. 
House with tower 
No house with no tower 
Time to go home! 


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