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2012-06-09 42 -72

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Sat 9 Jun 2012 in 42,-72:
42.2504609, -72.4625358

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[edit] Location

In a wooded area in Granby. This area is marked in green on the OpenStreetMap as Granby Bow & Gun Club. Yeah, really.

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

Before seeing the OpenStreetMap marking this as a bow and gun club, I scoped out some parking spaces nearby using Google Maps, and then just took off without even road directions for getting there.

[edit] Expedition

The short story:

  • My car bottomed out with a bang while parking.
  • The power line access road had a pond blocking part of it.
  • The bizarre jeep blazed trail going around it yielded several ticks.
  • Knowing the point was within the green area marked as the Granby Bow & Gun Club, we decided to get close to the border...without getting too close.
  • We followed a trail that followed the border almost exactly.
  • We passed by huge mounds of chopped wood, a collapsed tent, gasoline containers, and other weird odds and ends.
  • We got about 230 yards from the hash point, about the nearest point possible without crossing the border.
  • Though there were no signs telling us to keep out, the proliferation of ticks (at that point counted at about 15) and the distant yelling and raging engine sounds and the setting sun prevailed upon us to turn around.
  • At home, I found one more tick...while inspecting the inside of my shorts!!

[edit] Photos

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