2012-06-08 33 -118

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Fri 8 Jun 2012 in 33,-118:
33.9102003, -118.4203043

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[edit] Location

Inside the giant Chevron oil refinery near the ocean in El Segundo; the closest road is Vista Del Mar Blvd.

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[edit] Plans

Drive by on my way from San Diego to Los Angeles. I'm sure I won't be able to get close, but might as well see how close I can get.

[edit] Expedition

After getting off the 405, I drove down Rosecrans Ave, turned at Vista Del Mar Blvd. and found there was no where to park anywhere close to the refinery (reasonably enough). So I snapped pictures of the refinery fence as I went by, then grabbed on picture of me to prove I was in El Segundo at least. It was an entertaining side-trip.

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