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West of -30°: .9102003, .4203043
East of -30°: .5125909, .6141131
Globalhash: 2.2663589467968, 41.080698604256 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery

Expeditions and Plans

Tampa, Florida Geoff, Erica In a trainyard in Port of Tampa. * Geoff * Erica After our first hash in Citrus Hills...
Spring Hill, Florida Geoff, Erica In an empty lot just off Norvell Bryant Highway. We're already heading down...
Long Beach, California JesseW Inside the giant Chevron oil refinery near the ocean in El Segundo; the clo...
Atlanta, Georgia TheResistor Someone's front driveway just inside the I-285 circuit around Atlanta
Trieste, Italy Lars Vegas The hash was on a small grassy platform in the hills above Lucija, Slovenia...
Malmö, Sweden Fasanen A klick east of Rydsgårds Gods.

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