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2012-06-05 -35 149a.JPG

Tue 5 Jun 2012 in -35,149:
-35.3015895, 149.1208696

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This hash is on the bush block to the west of the Embassy of China in Canberra, Australia, at the corner of Flynn Drive and Alexandrina Drive, Yarralumla (the suburb).




I intended to drop past on the way home from work.



I went there on the way home from work. It had been a wet and overcast day and the gloomy evening light illuminated the site only a little as I turned up the concrete access road (visible on overhead imagery.) At the end of this older road, I was confronted with a construction fence topped with razor wire and a sign saying that this was now a site for (part of) the Embassy of China in Australia, the main campus of which is across the road to the east of this site.

I could hear construction work going on inside the fence, and there were some lights on in the partially completed building. I could not get to the hash site but got right to the security fence, that is only about 10m inside the new fence that is about 3m from the end of the older concrete access road (so, I certainly got within 20 metres of the hash site.)

I took a picture beside the gate and sign (erected by the National Capital Authority, a Australian Government authority that plans and authorises specific uses of certain parts of, or land uses within, the Australian Capital Territory.)

I do not know whether I was on the designated actual site of the land assigned to the Embassy, but presumably they build just INSIDE the boundary. so, as I walked right up to the gate, I presume that I stepped onto the embassy land. AND, as an embassy is deemed to be the land of the country involved, I guess that I stepped onto "Chinese soil". So, I'll claim to have travelled to another country to go to this hash.

However, I will not be applying for the Ambassador_achievement.

But, see also the now-proposed Foreign achievement.